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Perfection Mechanized Handstamp

[Example of Perfection Mechanized Handstamp on Cover]

Example of Perfection Mechanized Handstamp on Cover

This is an image of the impression made by the Type I Perfection machine. It cancelled this cover in 1904, at Noblesville, Indiana. This cover has the additional feature of carrying a commemerative stamp from the St. Louis Worlds Fair issue of 1904.

As described in my machine cancel pages, this was really a mechanically-assisted hand-stamping device, rather than an automatic machine. The postal employee had to place the mail under the device's head, and pull on a large lever to simultaneously ink the cancelling die, and bring it downward onto the cover to make the impression.

I used to collect these machines, but at least have left around an older listing of Perfections on another webpage.


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