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Early Return Address Labels

[Early Return Address Label, 1901]

Early Return Address Label, 1901

This is the image of a return address label from 1901. As in our era, people purchased these return address labels from printers. In this case, the label states that it was manufactured by "The Morris Return Stamp Company, Dav. Ia." (Davenport, Iowa, I believe).

Careful examination of the label shows that it illustrates some of the many ways that mail was handled in 1901. Included in this nice cut are: a messenger on a bicycle, a mail train, and a mailman handing a letter to a woman in her doorway. The engraving on this label makes modern return-address labels seem rather primitive.

[Early Return Address Label, 1929]

Early Return Address Label, 1929

This is the image of a pharmacy return address label from 1929. The printing is very high quality, and it certainly gives one confidence to buy from such an upstanding firm. As I noted above, the engraving on this label makes modern printed labels seem rather primitive.

The company name is Orris' Pharmacy, and the location is given as Bayonne, New Jersey.


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