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'Picdocs' Overview and Introduction

These web pages were created to showcase single images that may be of interest. They are called "picdocs" after the idea that each web page (document) shows an image (picture).

This website offers many other image showcases, but those are formatted as galleries, where many images appear on the same web page. The galleries are then grouped under a theme, such as the Union Pacific 4014 Steam Locomotive 'Big Boy'.

The 'PicDocs' listed here include images of mostly U. S. postal history items. These can include stamps, covers, and postcards.

U. S. Stamps and Postal Items

19th Century U. S. Stamp

Five Dollar U. S. Stamp of 1922

Mr. Zip Images

U. S. Parcel Post

Christmas Seals on Postcards

Washington-Head Stamps on Cover

Washington-Head Stamp on Advertising Cover Cancelled by Railway Post Office Handstamp

Railway Post Office Handstamp on Cover to Denmark

U. S. Special Delivery Stamps

Privately-Perforated Washington-Head Stamp on Cover

Illegal Use of Savings Stamp for Postage

Illegal Use of Revenue Stamp for Postage

Orange County, California, Postal History

Machine Cancellations on Postal Items

Example of American Flag Cancellation (A-14)

Example of a Perfection Machine-Assisted Cancellation

American Flag Machine Cancel on Illegal Use of Revenue Stamp for Postage


Early Return Address Labels

Early Teddy Bear Postcard

Swiss Airmail Stamp

Ralph Williams Ford License Plate Frame


General Index for All Picdoc Pages

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