Photos of the Construction
of our New Home
(now completed)

Revised: 2 February 2013

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This page contains photos of final plumbing, electrical, cabinets, and trim installation—also ceramic tile & other work...

When this page was created, we had been in the house over a year (seems like only a short time, must be that "time-compression" problem people talk about...). The photos here are from the final work done. We will be getting more pictures on, but for now are generating a collection of sunrises (and a few sunsets) taken from our lanai.

See also Archives for photos of earlier construction activities.

[kitchen sink] 26 September:
Finish plumbing includes everything including—dare we say it—the kitchen sink, AND...
26 September:
...other vitally important (ahem) accouterments!
[the throne]
[Kitchen] 27 September:
The kitchen gets finished. Stove vent hood is in (yes, they forgot the vent...). Now awaiting appliances.
30 September:
The tubs and shower tile gets installed.
[shower tile]
[house #s] 30 September:
Now you can find us... Come on out, the weather's just grand! And, don't forget, the whales will be arriving anon. (they seem to show up off our house just after New Years and have stayed as late as May).
01 October:
Most of the exterior paint is on and the trim is getting its final coat.

Current status:

7 February 2001:
Just a little update: House complete, most of the "punch list" items got some attention, but as usual, not nearly enough. Appliances are happy, except our chest freezer, which just died (off to Sears again!). The freezer was about 17 years old, so no crying. Stone wall is beautiful (thanks Aseli!), but the sand has not yielded well to any landscaping. Growing some roses, especially miniatures (this area is not rose-friendly). Solar water heating works great (what do you expect with 365 sunny days a year?).

11 November 1999:
We are now into the "punch list" mode. Moved in, and abandoned the rental down the hill. Almost all appliances are in. We are about to install a clothes washer (the appliance place "lost" it). We have a contractor putting in a stone fence. That should help keep the hill from dumping sand onto the back wall of the house. Soon, we will have solar water heating.

Mahalo (thank you) for your continued interest...

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