Construction Photo Archive:
Weeks 2 & 3 (15 - 31 July 1999)

Revised: 2 February 2013

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These photos are of concrete pouring and ground floor framing.

[Site prep-termite] 21 July:
All plumbing in and inspected, the final pre-pouring task is spraying for termites and other yuckie things that eat one's house up before the mortgage is paid (paid mortgage—what a novel idea...)
22 July:
Bright and early (these construction guys like to start early—guess they can wake more people up that way...) The concrete pump arrives followed by the transit mixer.
[Site preparation I]
[Swanson's swimming pool???] 22 July:
All finished, poured, and curing... No, we didn't order an indoor pool, the water slows the curing time and (we have been told) strengthens the concrete.

Pad now cured
[Cured pad]
[Cured pad] 23 July:
All the forms have been removed and the cured pad is ready to receive...a house!
26 July:
Sticks!!! We have sticks, and they are arranged in a house-shaped unit. Wow!!!
[Swanson's sticks]
[First floor framing] 28 July:
The first floor is framed and the rooms are taking shape (and they sure seem much smaller than the plans...) The tall part on the right is the entry/stairway.
26 July:
The first floor framing is completed and the prep work for installing in the floor joists and floor begins.
[Swanson's first floor]