Construction Photo Archive:
Weeks 5 & 6 (1-10 August 1999)

Revised: 2 February 2013

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This page contains photos of Second floor framing & roof trusses.

[Second floor joists & flooring] 02 August:
The first floor framing is completed and the joists and sub-flooring are installed. The tall section to the right is the entryway/stairwell.
02 August:
Same stage of construction, but this photograph is taken from the street.
[Floor joists-2]
[Swanson's stairway] 03 August:
No more climbing ladders or shimmying up the side of the frame to go upstairs! These specially built stairs are capable of going up and down at the same time... This view looks from the entry landing up to the second floor. The stairs to the ground floor are on the left.
03 August:
All second floor joists and flooring have been installed. The framers are starting to load and stage the lumber for the second floor walls.
[2nd floor is floored]
[Swanson's second story sticks] 04 August:
This was taken at 7:15 A.M. as Sandi was heading to work. The walls were ready the previous afternoon, but it was too windy to put them up. So, first thing in the morning...
05 August:
Wow! What a day's work those guys did. It is really beginning to look like a house now.
[Second floor framing]
[Roof trusses] 06 August:
With the completion of the second floor framing the roof trusses are installed.
08 August:
The VIEW!!! This is what it's all about. The large opening on the left is the sliding door to the lanai, and the opening on the right is a living room window.
[The VIEW]
[Throne Room view] 08 August:
This one really takes the cake! This view is from the master bathroom and approximates the scene from "THE THRONE"! We probably won't be doing as much reading as we usually do