Construction Photo Archive:
Weeks 1 & 2 (06 & 12 July 99)

Revised: 2 February 2013

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Following photos are of ground breaking and site preparation.

[Site preparation I] 06 July:
Construction begins with the arrival of a power shovel to prepare the site. Three truckloads of dirt/sand were removed.
08 July:
After the excess dirt/sand was removed the final site grading took place. It was interesting to watch the surveyors and shovel operators working together to ensure the correct elevations and grading.
[Site preparation II]
10 July:
All grading completed! Sandi proudly stands at the site of the Swanson's new home! She's worried about the dirty floor...
20 July:
Grading complete, nice & level, then the backhoes arrived to trench for underground utilities. This view is of water lines and the main electrical feed.
[Plumbing installation]
[Swanson's privy] 21 July:
At last!!! A structure arrives at the future home of Bob & Sandi. Really, this is a very important addition...

NOTE: Concrete was poured Thursday, 22 July.