Construction Photo Archive:
Week 8 (18-26 August 1999)

Revised: 2 February 2013

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This page contains photos of: "wrapping" the house with a moisture barrier, installing windows and siding, plus frame protection...

[First floor wrapped & windows in] 18 August:
The first floor has been moisture barrier wrapped and windows installed.
18 August:
Same day, different view...
[Partially clad house--front view]
[More siding] 19 August:
What a difference a day makes!!! We now have siding... The hole in the wall is a precut for an air conditioning unit.
20 August:
Another day and the upstairs is completely "wrapped" & downstairs sided. Windows are in all around.
[Siding going on--front view]
[Second story siding]
Second Story Siding
23 & 24 August:
Now you see framing—now you don't... Yikes, did those guys put nails in our brand-new roof for their scaffolding??? Guess it's time for another fax to the builder!
[Completion of siding]
[Completely sided] 24 August:
Completely framed, all windows in place, secure from the ravages of a Hawaiian winter!?! Sorry, we just couldn't help ourselves...
25 August:
What is it? "It" is a contractor who is doing final frame preparation. After all the holes were drilled for plumbing & electric, he is sealing and treating the exposed wood against nasties such as rot and termites. Nice guy to have around...
[The Bug Man]