Construction Photo Archive:
Weeks 10 & 11 (August 28 - September 10, 1999)

Revised: 2 February 2013

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This archive contains photos of: Plumbing & electrical "rough in", insulation, drywalling, exterior trim and finish.

[Plumbing installation] 25 August:
Rough plumbing installation...
25 August:
...and electrical. This photo shows the prewiring for our computer "network".
[Electrical rough-in]
[More electrical] 30 August:
More rough electrical. These are the ceiling "bullet" lights for the kitchen island. Note that the insulation has been installed...
01 September:
Drywall deliver! Stacks & stacks of the stuff.
[Drywall taped] 03 September:
Drywall installed and taped. This is the view of the kitchen area taken from the living room.
03 September:
Here's "mud" in your eye. Drywall texturing "mud" by the bucketfull.
[Drywall mud]
[Steps & railing] 07 September:
Meanwhile, outside the front steps and porch railings are being installed.

Current status:

27 September 1999.

As of this afternoon the plumber is wrapping up the final plumbing installation, the electrician finished his work on Saturday. The finish carpenter "nailed" his job yesterday (yes, on Sunday!) We are already starting to get some "punch list" items, such as painting flaws and so forth.

Mahalo (thank you) for your interest...