Construction Photo Archive: Weeks 12 & 13 (September 11-25, 1999)

Revised: 2 February 2013

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This archive contains photos of: Final drywall finish, interior painting, trim, door, & cabinet intallation. Exterior painting.

[Drywall taped] 03 September:
Drywall installed and taped. This is the view of the kitchen area taken from the living room.
10 September:
A few days later, the painters have come and gone, and the kitchen is all cleaned up and ready for...
[Finished walls]
[Kitchen cabinets] 15 September:
15 September:
Sealing all nail holes and cracks against the ravages of an ocean environment. There is a price to pay for the view!
[Sealing & prep]
[Exterior prime coat] 17 September:
And the primer coat goes on.
23 September:
The garage door gets installed!
[Garage door]
[Doors] 25 September:
Door Country??? All the interior doors lined up in the garage ready for their final coat of semi-gloss.
25 September:
The front porch with its primer coat. Ready for the final color!
[Prime porch]

Current status:

05 October 1999:

We are in the agonizingly slow period where there are 1001 small things to be done, yet none of them seem to be getting done. The plumber and electrician are finished, the house is wired and has running water. Ceramic time is in, but not yet grouted.

Today the painters were touching up the interior. Carpeting is scheduled for installation later in the week, and final cleanup is set for Friday with our first walk through on Saturday. If all goes well we should get the keys on Friday, 15 October. Great timing, Bob can move our stuff over the weekend while Sandi is tending to Coast Guard Auxiliary business on Oahu...

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