Construction Photo Archive:
Week 7 (13-17 August 1999)

Revised: 2 February 2013

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This page contains photos of: Final framing, exterior wrapping, roof completion, window installation & siding installation.

[Complete rough framing] 13 August:
Completion of rough framing! We have a house-shaped object. Of course, it is somewhat drafty...
13 August:
...but with lots of natural light! This view is of the living/dining room cathedral ceiling.
[Roof/cathedral ceiling]
[Swanson's windows] 13 August:
These should help cut down on the draft, yet still let some of the light in. Neat, a whole pallet of windows & doors.
13 August:
This view is from the living room toward the kitchen. The room behind the kitchen will be our "den".
[Roof sheating loaded] 16 August:
Now it is time to install the roof sheathing. The sheathing boards have been "staged" on the roof ready for installation. This photo was taken first thing in the morning.

Roof Sheathing Starts
[Start of roof sheathing]
[Completion of roof sheathing] 16 & 17 August:
These photos were taken one day apart, at the end of each day's work, and show the start and completion of roof sheathing installation. The photo on the right also shows the shingles loaded on the roof and the start of the vapor barrier "wrapping".
17 August:
A Hawaiian tradition is to remove your shoes before entering a home. This built-in bench on our front porch makes that easier to do.
[Lanai bench]
[Roof shingles] 19 August:
After two day's work, the roof is complete with the installation of shingles and flashing. Like our blue roof?