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My WW I Books Are Now Available for Direct Download, and in printed form by and Amazon Kindle:

Bluejacket Mail: A Postal History of the Great Lakes Naval Training Station

2nd Edition of Domestic U. S. Military Facilities of the First World War (BETA)

1st Edition of Domestic U. S. Military Facilities of the First World War

About Bluejacket Mail: A Postal History of the Great Lakes Naval Training Station

I've just published (2014) a new book Bluejacket Mail, a postal history of the Great Lakes Naval Training Station during the First World War. This monograph concentrates on only this facility. It came about because the full facilities book could not contain all of the interesting information about every military camp in the United States from that era. This 42-page monograph helps provide more depth of information, and showcases the letters written in 1918 by Carroll Miller, a sailor training at Great Lakes. His letters show the human side of the great influenza pandemic of 1918, along with stories of camp and personal life.

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This book contains additional images of Great Lakes, and related postal history material, that could not be included in the general facilities book (see below).

About Domestic United States Military Facilities of the First World War 1917-1919

This book represents three decades of work, and was first published in 2000. I am now offering a BETA version of the second edition of the book. I've attempted to list every place in the United States and Territories where soldiers, sailors, or marines might have been stationed during the First World War. The reason for such a list is to provide source locations and checklists for postal history (letters and cards) from these military men. The book lists all fixed, land-based United States military camps and facilities that operated during the War period. There has long been a need for such a listing, as it was not known where military mail could have originated within the US.

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Besides the direct download and print-on-demand listing above from, the first edition of the book is stored on Google Books, as Domestic United States Military Facilities of the First World War 1917-1919 . Note that there is no link on Google Books for ordering the book. Please visit that site for a book preview. If you wish to order, return to this page, and use the facilities book page. [Note that Google Books is a great way to search literature for specific information about the First World War (or any subject for that matter).]

Unique features of the facilities book include:

· Many illustrations of cancels and covers

· Extensive indexes to assist searching for specific military bases

· Additional background information covering both the War and its military postal history

· War-era listing of U.S. military abbreviations

· Listings ordered by state to assist both state and local postal history collectors

· Electronic media purchasers get additional color illustrations not present in the printed copy

The electronic media versions of the book are stored in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format, as used in the example pages listed here. I have observed that paper just cannot show the images as well as the computer screen. Owners of the electronic copies of the book are allowed to make copies for personal use, including the printing of the PDF file contents as paper copies. Having the computer-based version of the book on a laptop computer, phone, or tablet, for instance, could be very helpful when visiting a stamp show, or poring over a dealer's stock.

An early draft of the New York chapter was published serially in several issues of: La Posta early in 1997. Here is a sample draft page from the California chapter of the book [78K Adobe PDF]. (Need the free Adobe PDF viewer? Try Here... or try here...)

If you wish, you can still contact me by paper mail at:

Robert Swanson
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You can contact me at the e-mail address:


I have also done general research on the dates of usage for machine cancels (and some handstamps) for all known camps in the US. My research on the American Flag cancellations has been published in Machine Cancel Forum. The following link is to a copy of the most recent flag cancel census article. (Note that it is dated 1997, and has my old address listed.) The current database is located at: spreadsheet with all known usage dates of American flag cancellations of U.S. domestic military facilities of the First World War.

I maintain a webpages about the troopship picture postcards, including the Jewish Welfare Board set, at this site. This list was first gathered by postcard collectors, and I have been merging other collectors' lists and keeping it all up to date, as more information comes in. Based on the troopship information, I now have a partial passenger list of soldiers carried by the USS George Washington to Europe during the War.

If you have any First World War postal history, I would like to hear from you. Either use the contact information near the top of this page, or use our Contact Information Page.

Examples of Covers and Cancellations

Cover from Camp Devens, Massachusetts with Odd Fellows Logo

A cover from the Aviation Branch, Montgomery, Alabama

Customs Mark on WW I Foreign Mail [Flickr]

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The full "Order of Battle" book for the U.S. Army may be available in CD-ROM format from the United States Government Printing Office. We no longer have a direct link for the CD listing, but you can search for "Order of Battle" on their website.

[I have been told that someone is selling copies of
the "Order of Battle" on Ebay. Search there for the book title.]

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Missouri State Archives have WWI military records too

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