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Comic Postcard With Soldier Thirsty for a 5 Cent Beer


During my research on the First World War, I have accumulated postal history and War-related "collateral". Such collateral items include: keepsakes, photographs, medals, posters, and even a silk scarf. This page links you to some images of War-related items.

Whenever I look at a photograph showing these naive young people, I see youth and enthusiam reflected back. Many of these men and women did not return from overseas, and others came home with terrible wounds. In addition, both soldiers and civilians in the United States were cut down by the influenza epidemic of late 1918. Such was the crucible of fire brought about by this War.

General First World War Items

I have a gallery page devoted specifically to First World War Images, Including Postal History. Also see my First World War images on Google photos.

Jewish Welfare Board Ship Postcards (and other images of troopships)

War-Rate Postal History

Spruce Squadron Items

I have created a web page with some of the many images I have of Spruce Soldiers, spruce operations, and postal history. See: this page with Spruce Soldier images. Also, I have a Google Photos album with Spruce Soldier Images.

The overall history information that I have are in my web page about the Spruce Squadrons.

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