Stamps and Postal History

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I've finally published the 2nd Edition of Domestic U. S. Military Facilities of the First World War (2018). Look for more information on my books at the web page for my postal history books.


What is postal history?

First World War Information

WWI Troopship Picture Postcards
[Includes JWB Cards]

The Spruce Squadrons of WWI
[Pacific Northwest]

Machine Cancellations

Cover Collecting

A Show N Tell Page

Images from Yesteryear

Stamp Collecting

Mystery (to me) Covers

Mysteries Solved (hooray!)

U. S. Postal Bulletins Online
Important historical info at your fingertips!

National Postal Museum

Collecting Organizations

American Philatelic Society

Military Postal History Society

(MPHS Publications)

Western Cover Society

Machine Cancel Society

United States Stamp Society
[was the Bureau Issues Association]

Mobile Post Office Society

(MPOS Publications)

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Personally Selected by Me

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