Our 2004 Panama Canal Cruise

Updated January 29, 2013

We took a fantastic cruise in December of 2004, completely through the Panama Canal. The ship that we could take during our brief vacation time, was the Legend of the Seas, run by Royal Caribbean. Needless to say, the Panama Canal is awesome. It was great to take a ship that completely traversed the Canal. (Many ships only enter a lock set and then turn around and go back into the Caribbean.)

The ship primarily stopped in Mexico and we enjoyed several ports of call along the "Mexican Riviera". In the Caribbean, she stopped only in Aruba, but it was well worth the visit.

This cruise took place during Christmas, so we had a fun time on the ship, with decorations (some of our making), parties, and, of course, food.

Following are web page links for various parts of the trip, as well as some special subjects we covered.

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