Images of Advertisements from Covers and Postcards

From Machine Cancels

Introduction -- While I have collected postal history with cancellations, stamps, and routing information, I have also enjoyed seeing the images on the covers and cards. This form of advertisement is as old as letter-writing itself. Even if the recipient does not read the contents, they still may be impressed by the image on the envelope or card.

Commercial printing companies could offer their customers many standard "cuts" for advertisements around the turn of the 20th century. I find these images to be fascinating. Some covers were printed in full color, and are highly valued by collectors.

The Postal Service even got into the act, by printing images and slogans around the borders (called selvage) of the stamp sheets.

Take a look at some interesting examples!

While we're on the subject of pictures, images, paper collectables, postcards, etc., here are some links for interesting historical pictures on the web.

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