Moving to Maui, 1999

maui sunrise

We relocated to Maui in early 1999. We enjoyed living there until July 2008. Our house overlooked Waihu Beach near Wailuku. We were on the windward side of the island, so got the trade winds in our faces 24/7. Our house had perfect views of the unmatched sunrises (not sunsets) of Hawai'i.

NOTE that these photographs are Copyright©Robert and Sandra Swanson, 1999-2020.

I greatly appreciate people viewing the photos, but not stealing them. If someone is interested from a commercial point of view, please contact me.


March 12, 1999: Our pickup departing Bay City, Michigan (note the snow on the ground!) -- Swanson Move to Maui, 1999

April 13, 1999: Our two trucks, reunited on Maui, line up for a portrait. After spending their entire "lives" in the Upper (Brrrr) Midwest, the trees look strange to them. -- Swanson Move to Maui, 1999

March 19, 1999: Our container being loaded in Bay City, Michigan. -- Swanson Move to Maui, 1999

April 12, 1999: Our household goods are in this stack somewhere. (Photo taken at Kahului-Maui Harbor.) -- Swanson Move to Maui, 1999

April 24, 1999: Well they must have found it; here it is being unloaded at our Wailuku rental home (yes, that is the ocean in the background!) -- Swanson Move to Maui, 1999

April 26, 1999: Early one Sunday morning we awoke to see Carnival Cruise Line Jubilee entering Kahului Harbor. We get to see all the ships and barges. -- Swanson Move to Maui, 1999

May 2, 1999: The view from our homesite; located one block from our current rental. -- Swanson Move to Maui, 1999

Copyright © Robert and Sandra Swanson, 1999-2020

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