Some Photos of our Move...

Updated February 4, 2013

Here are some photos taken during our move
from Bay City, Michigan to Wailuku-Maui, Hawaii.

(Please be patient while they load on the page.)

[Loading the F250]

March 12, 1999: Our pickup departing Bay City (note the snow on the ground!)

[Two Black Fords on Maui]

April 13, 1999: Our two trucks, reunited on Maui, line up for a portrait. After spending their entire "lives" in the Upper (Brrrr) Midwest, the trees look strange to them.

[Loading a Container]

March 19, 1999: Our container being loaded in Bay City.

[Stacks of Containers]

April 12, 1999: Our household goods are in this stack somewhere. (Photo taken at Kahului-Maui Harbor.)

[Container unloading]
April 24, 1999: Well they must have found it?here it is being unloaded at our Wailuku rental home (yes, that is the ocean in the background!)
[Cruise Ship]
April 26, 1999: Early one Sunday morning we awoke to see Carnival Cruise Line's Jubilee entering Kahului Harbor. We get to see all the ships and barges.
[Our homesite]
May 2, 1999: The view from our homesite? located one block from our current rental.

That's all we have for now. Watch this page for
photos of groundbreaking and house construction.

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