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Forest Floor in Davis California


This web page started out as an experiment on my part. Many years ago, I took a lot of photographs, primarily color slides. Now, we are talking about the 1960's and 70's here. After a while, I started using AgfaChrome film instead of Ektachrome for 35mm work, because the shadows were brown instead of green. You will see this color "bias" in these slides.

Early on in my web-viewing, I discovered Philip Greenspun's Pages (including stories of his travels) and then from there discovered his terrific photographic work. I read his excellent page on publishing photos on the Web and realized that my old slides could live a new life on Kodak Photo CD. So, I got some slides scanned just as an experiment, and I'm quite pleased with the results.

Oh yes, here is another GREAT photography blog, the Online Photographer. I've learned a lot by careful reading of both Mike's notes and the commenters on his blog.

Now, we own various digital cameras. We started out with a Sony Mavica (the one with the floppy disk). Next was a Kodak DX6490, and then we moved to other point-and-shoot cameras. Until recently I used a Nikon D700, my wife uses a D300. They are remarkable cameras. I (Bob) have moved on now to the Panasonic GX85, which is a lighter rig, and easier to handle. The group of photos below started out being the slide scans, but now include several more recent images, particularly those images I like the best. The D700 and GX85 have made it possible to create night and low-light photographs that simply were not possible with previous technology. I have been trying for many decades to get good pictures in those situations.

NOTE that these photographs are Copyright©1998-2020 Robert and Sandra Swanson. I greatly appreciate people viewing the photos, but not stealing them. If someone is interested from a commercial point of view, please contact me.


Pine Needles on Forest Floor -- Taken in the Summer of 1968 in Davis, California, on the campus of the University of California. I still delight in the long, low, sunlight of late evening in the Summer. I was using a Leica 3a (really!), 127mm Leitz lens, macro system, and AgfaChrome film.

[Pine Needles on Forest Floor]

[Blackberries in Southern Oregon]

Blackberries in Southern Oregon -- I was camping in 1971 in the Central Valley of Southern Oregon, on my way to visit Ashland and the Oregon Coast. Near the campground was an open area with the usual wild Oregon blackberries growing in profusion. Again, the soft, low summer sunlight make the whole scene very appetizing. Note the spider webs in the sunlight.

Taken with a Canon P7, Canon 135mm lens, AgfaChrome film.

Pete's Restaurant Interior -- Taken in Belen, New Mexico. This is one of the finest New Mexico restaurants on the planet. The interior is very tastefully "Southwest" in style. The restaurant is located across from the very large BNSF railroad yard. Before you can view the locomotives, you will have to walk up to the Harvey House Museum.

Taken with the Panasonic GX85 with 14-140mm zoom lens, and processed with GIMP.

[Pete's Restaurant Interior]

[BNSF Locomotive 1883]

BNSF Locomotive 1883 -- Taken in Belen, New Mexico. This is a locomotive, moving cars around this very large BNSF railroad yard. We were able to view some of the traffic from the parking lot of the Harvey House Museum. The Museum in turn, is located across the street from one of the finest New Mexico restaurants on the planet, Pete's.

Taken with the Panasonic GX85 with 14-140mm zoom lens, and processed with GIMP.

Church in Arcata, California -- Taken in Arcata, California, in fall 1968, while I was a student at the State College there. I was experimenting with a view camera. This was taken using Ektachrome 4x5 film, camera had an Ektar lens. Scanned from a reversal print, which yields much poorer quality than an original scan from the transparency. However, this image was easier to clean up, and looks a bit more like an 'Italian' landscape painting than a photograph.

[Church in Arcata, California]

[Old Building in Jacksonville, Oregon]

Old Building in Jacksonville, Oregon -- Taken in Jacksonville, Oregon, probably in 1967. This was an old church that had been converted into an antique store.

Taken with a Leica 3a, 50mm lens, probably with AgfaChrome.

House in Ashland, Oregon -- Taken in Ashland, Oregon, probably in Summer 1967. I spent three summers in this town, working at the Shakespeare Festival. Fond memories. Anyway, when I had a little spare time, I walked all over town, admiring the scenery and wonderful older structures. When I saw this house, I was intrigued by the steps leading up to the front walk, and then the front walk up to the front door. Quite a climb.

Taken with a Leica 3a, 50mm lens, probably with AgfaChrome.

[House in Ashland, Oregon]

Copyright © 1996-2020 Robert and Sandra Swanson

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