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I currently have some projects stored in BitBucket.


This is the Java program system I wrote to create and publish my First World War books. I needed a better product than what was available, especially in the free, open source world. The code is all present, and I keep adding to the documentation. Note that this publishing method creates (with help) a wide variety of e-book output formats, such as Kindle, EPUB, PDF, etc. This program is particularly targeted for the creation of books and documents heavy in images and cross-links.

[It may be too much, when all you want is a book without illustrations, with no interactivity. Frankly, there are plenty of simple ways to publish an e-book without the elaborate structure that I built.

For example, you could author a book using LibreOffice, and convert the final product to multiple e-book formats, using Calibre.]

Sudoku Creator

Bob Swanson style. This Java program generates non-symmetric Sudoku puzzles, based on the concepts from the Math With Bad Drawings website. The program offers a wide variety of settings for the puzzles, from easy to extreme.

PDF Merge and Insert Metadata

Some Java software I wrote, with the help of the Apache PDFBox project. The program merges one or more PDF file(s) into a single output PDF file. While doing the merge, the program reads user-supplied metadata and inserts it into the standards-compliant metadata fields of the output PDF file.

[Short rant: ALL electronic content posted on the internet should contain metadata; that is, information ABOUT the file and its contents. There are vast amounts of content, including PDF files, present on the internet that are “orphans”. We don’t know who wrote them, what the subject is, where the original website is/was located, etc, etc. Don’t let that happen to your creations.]

No Longer on GitHub

I used to have a repository on GitHub. That is being wound down, and I will be publicly posting on BitBucket from now on.

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