Our 1997 Star Clipper Cruise
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Updated February 1, 2013

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Our first serious cruise in many years turned out to be a great experience. We had cruised on our honeymoon (many years before), and it was an awful experience. By 1997, however, we wanted a "different" vacation, and along the way, had become avid boaters. We saw an advertisement for various package cruises, but rejected the "big ship" cruises. This cruise looked different and it was. We had a great time.

The Star Clipper and her sister ship were purpose-built in the design of the classic clippers, but with all modern amenities. Taking on only 170 passengers, we were assured of no crowds and good service. All this indeed came true, and more so. She sailed at every opportunity; the crew only used the engine a few times. Life onboard was very relaxing, and we often enjoyed just lounging on the main deck, as the crew went about their work just a few feet away. The dining was informal with no fixed seating, and the Captain visited each table over the week, so every table was a "Captain's Table"!

The crew was very friendly and helpful, and when they found out that were were in the Coast Guard Auxiliary, they offered to let us use the charts and GPS in the bridge area during non-peak times.

We were sailing during the Spring Equinox, and got to help take sightings at noon on March 21st. We also experienced two "green flashes" during the week of sailing.

The following link is to a single web page with all of the photos in one interactive album (there are only 25 at this time).

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