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I current have some projects stored in GitHub. The source is there, and I continue to added new documentation.


This is the Java program system I wrote to publish my First World War books. I needed a better product than what was available, especially in the free, open source world. The code is all present, but there needs to be a lot more documentation. Note that this publishing method makes a wide variety of e-books, and is particularly good for books and documents heavy in images and cross-links.

It may be too much, when all you want is a book without illustrations, with no interactivity. There are plenty of simple ways to publish an e-book without the elaborate structure that I built.

(For example, you could author a book using LibreOffice, and convert the final product to several e-book formats, using Calibre.)

RSS Scripts

This is a set of scripts that run in Linux (and Unix) systems. The scripts pull down the RSS feeds for various blogs, and filters out a lot of unnecessary "stuff", so that the blog contents can be read off-line, particularly on a phone. Yes, there are a lot of RSS stream readers out there, but this system really cuts to the core, and just provides the words in an easy-to-read (browser) format.

Older, But Still Working, Programs

There is an older web page that points to many programs that I wrote several years ago. They are, for the most part, obsolete. You may certainly download them and try them, but nothing is expected to work, or there may be much better programs around that are also free.

I recently, however, tried one of the older programs and found that it worked just fine on Vista 64. In fact, this program was written to overcome some of the stupid behaviours of the file searcher available in Windows itself, and sure enough, Vista is still inconsistent in its search capabilities. While the program is dated (and I don't have the source, or C++ compilation capability), it still works pretty well.

This file finder was last updated July 5, 1999. And, yes it works fine with Vista 64. So, this is a WIN32 program to find files [209K ZIP file].

Runs on a WIN 32 system (Windows 95/98/NT/XP/Vista/Vista64). This may seem like a trivial programming exercise, but it is clear to me that each of the many solutions out there suffer from some shortcoming or another. I use this program every day. It is simple and quick and small.

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Updated May 3, 2019

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