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Introduction -- The internet has been very helpful to the hobby of stamp and postal history collecting. Over the years, I've found links to interesting web sites that support this great hobby.

My Links

Check (me) Bob Swanson's First World War Postal History web page for links that relate directly to that research, and my new books on domestic military camps of WW I.

My Show-N-Tell Page

General Links

For a list of many collectors and dealers, try: Collecting Postal Stamps

The United States has a National Postal Museum in Washington, DC. We have visited, it is a great experience.

Collectors of covers and postal history often need to understand how items were dated. Various nations have over the years, used different calendar systems. These links should help you with everything you would ever want to know about calendars, at The Calendar Zone and Calendars Through the Ages.

Please visit the Machine Cancel Society web page.

Personal Pages

Michigan Postal History

Excellent Web Site for the US Second Bureau Issue (1902) Stamp

Here is a monumental work-in-progress of Danish Postal History

Check out the RPO Postmark Page!

The Postmark Museum

Commercial Pages

Linns Stamp News

Identifying the U. S. Washington-Franklin Issues

U. S. Postal Bulletins Online Important historical info at your fingertips!

Jim Mehrer sells both postal history and materials. He also runs regular auctions.

Jim Forte has a deep stock of postal history material. He is maintaining an online list of all US post offices.

Freeman's offers many postal history listings

Gary Anderson offers state postal history.

Collectors Club of Chicago has some excellent philatelic resources (see their main page).

Stamp Auction Network

Stamp Shows and Stamp "Yellow Pages"

Scanning Resources

Scanning covers or stamps? Try: Scanning Info and Resources.

A few scanning tips

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