tall ships in bergen

Tall Ships Fill the Bergen Harbor

The Voyage of the Vikings is a special cruise operated yearly by Holland America cruise line. The cruise revisits the North Atlantic, stopping at ports that were explored (and even settled) by the Vikings.

Special stops included Bergen, Norway, tall ships event. Bergen, Norway, itself is very scenic and historical. A thriving market was operating in the old port area.

In addition to Bergen, we also stopped in Stavanger, Norway, gateway to the North Sea oil fields.

We enjoyed our stop in Lerwick, Scotland. The harbour is quite lovely. Many homes sport beautiful gardens. The town climbs up steep hills, and provides remarkable views.

Probably the best experience of the voyage was our transit of Prince Christian Sound. We also visited the small village of Nanortalik, in time to see an iceberg break up alongside the ship.

One of our port stops in Iceland was the remarkable Heimaey Island.

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