Many documents these days, including my books, are formatted as E-Books, readable on a variety of electronic devices. Using these formats allows such documents to be offered at low cost to the general public, as well as allowing readers of the books to have a copy that is fully portable on modern electronic reading devices.

However, it can be a major challenge for the average computer, phone, and tablet user to access and then view these electronic documents. This web page attempts to help you navigate this complex subject.

To help the user who is unfamiliar with these formats, I’ve created several web pages that describe the format, and provide links to software products that allow reading of these e-books.

First Steps

First, the declared format and/or the file extension of a document file is very important. You need to know what type of file you want to view, as well as what equipment you have for viewing. On most computer systems, the last 3-4 letters of the filename (after a period character) indicate the file type.

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