[Mostly Obsolete] Programs by Bob Swanson

Updated January 3, 2013

Mostly Obsolete!

Take a look at the less obsolete programs page for some programs that I know work with the latest Windows systems, including Vista. What follows here are old notes for old programs. And I do mean old (like 2001, not 2010).

I have been programming with Java for the last couple of years and really enjoy it. I particularly like the ability to move programs easily from one operating system to another. While I use Perl for a lot of quick jobs and system utilities, I just enjoy Java a lot more, and like designing GUI's with Swing.

From time to time, I continue to update some programs in Borland Delphi and CBuilder3, so they also appear on this page.

I'm making these programs free because I have benefitted from the many kind people on the net who make their work freely available to all of us. It's a payback of sorts. Hope you find these programs useful.

After doing a lot of Java programming in a cross-platform environment, I devised this "make" program for Java. It eases the setup needed to compile, run, and create JAR files for Java programs. This is a first cut! Depends on at least Java 1.2. I use it every day on Windows (NT4 so far), Linux (RH), SunOS, and AIX.

Here is a completely rewritten news digest reader (see below for a WIN32-specific version) written in Java. Depends on at least Java 1.2 (uses Swing). I have tested it on Windows, Linux (RH), SunOS, and AIX. This program is advanced over the earlier Java (and WIN32) versions, in that it can sort by date and thread news articles.

Runs on a WIN 32 system (Windows 95/98/NT/XP/Vista/Vista64). This may seem like a trivial programming exercise, but it is clear to me that each of the many solutions out there suffer from some shortcoming or another. I use this program every day. It is simple and quick and small.

Runs on a WIN 32 system (Windows 95/98/NT). This function is not easy to do on most Windows systems. Many programs, such as word processors leave backup files around. While these are useful, they tend to accumulate. For me, it seems easier to find and get rid of large backup files using this tool. I use this program every day. It is simple and quick and small.

This WIN32 program (Windows 95/98/NT) helps you to manage e-mail digests from newsgroups. It could also be used to manage e-mail "boxes" that contain many e-mail messages strung together as text. However, this program is very useful if, like me, you belong to several e-mail news groups. Most of these groups allow "digesting" of their output. You get all the news group messages at once, in one huge file. The problem is trying to check each message for interest, and deleting those that are of no interest. I've found out that I want to keep only about 5% of the messages from a newsgroup. This program shows all message "Subject:" lines and lets you selectively view the contents, and only keep those messages of interest.

This newer version was finished in July 1999, but did not get posted until March 2000. Sorry about that. In the rush to get it posted, the "help" is not completely up to date. Lots of new features, such as unlimited (at least by memory) numbers and sizes of messages, ability to cut and paste the digest from the e-mailer program directly into the news reader, and other improvements.

See above for the Java (1.2 or later) version of this program.

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