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[Five Dollar]

Introduction -- These days, I don't collect stamps, as I used to do. However, I did benefit from studying and collecting certain issues. That interest moved me into studying and collecting First World War postal history of the United States. That study caused me to become a self-publisher of books that look at the First World War era in the United States, primarily from a postal history standpoint.

Rather than remove my old collecting interests from the web pages, however, I am leaving these links on, so that you can enjoy the amazing variety available to you when you collect and study postage stamps.

Experienced collectors will note that many of these interests are "back of book"; that is, stamps that were issued for special uses, such as Air Mail. I did collect stamps that more likely appeared at the "front of the book", such as U. S. Regular Issues, including the beautiful 5 dollar stamp shown at the top of this page.

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