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We used to have some links for really useless web pages. Most of those links died over time. Well, now we have help: The Useless Web.

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We considered using BudUglyDesign for our web pages. For a while. Maybe if we used them, our site might look like The Worlds Worst Website Ever.


[Dilbert!] Here is Dilbert's Home Page

Also, here's an official Dilbert icon that does the same thing, but you may want to use it, since its the official way and not the way that I've been using for the last few years to help you to get to your favorite Dilbert cartoons. This is not a mandate from management, or anything like that of course. It's completely voluntary. But we'll be counting hits, and recording your machine name, and sending a report to The Dilbert Compliance Committee. Go ahead and access Dilbert any way your want. Using the official icon is not required at all, certainly not. We fully embrace diversity of Dilbert access in this organization. Yes siree.

Dr. Fun!

Great Cartoons! (Sadly Gone, but the archives are still there to enjoy.)


We have met the enemy and they is us! [Pogo]

Screwball Comics

I grew up reading Smokey Stover in the Sunday comics. Besides lots of "foo", a famous catchphrase from Smokey was "notary sojac".

This brings up a whole world of screwball, slightly-outside-reality, comic strips. These folks inspired such icons as Mad Magazine, R. Crumb, and many later strips up to today.

Anyone remember "nov shmoz kapop"?

More About Smokey Stover

Here is a website (Konkykru) that displays cartoons from the early days of printing and newspapers. Some of these artists were pretty screwball, too.

Bill Tidy

My absolutely favorite cartoonist. Here is some information about Bill Tidy. I was a "student" subscriber to Punch in the 1960's and immediately fell for Bill's sense of humor. His autobiography is out of print, but look on eBay for used copies. It is a wonderful story.

I've keep a few paper copies of the magazine, just for these cartoons:

One of Many Bill Tidy: Titanic Cartoons, and Bill Tidy: Morris Dancers, and my personal favorite Bill Tidy cartoon.

(Not a Bill Tidy cartoon, but a classic Punch magazine item: Hippies vs Police).

Then there is Tidy's magnum opus: The Fosdyke Saga.

Popular Comics

Mallard Fillmore

Comics Kingdom (lots of comics, etc)

Lots of Popular Comics from the newspaper.

More Popular Comics

The Katzenjammer Kids (and many others)

"The Truth is Stranger Than Fiction" Web Pages

Improbable Research, real research by real researchers on bizarre matters. Awards the Ig Nobel Prizes annually.

More horrifying than hairspray! More damaging to the environment than SUVs! The name of this nefarious pollutant source? Cows!

Even more dangerous than cows, this destructive and dangerous chemical is hardly regulated at all! It must be stopped now!

This is True, real stories about real people.

News of the Weird

A man...A suit...A grizzly bear; Who Will Triumph?

Save the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus!


Time-Wasting Websites (they did it for me, so I didn't have to surf the web endlessly...)

More Time-Wasters (thanks again...)

10 Top Lists of Lists

Just Plain Weird

Top 10 Weird

Comedy Groups, Movies, etc.

The Marx Brothers in general, A Night At The Opera in particular.

The Goon Show Archives

Monty Python's Travel Agent Sketch

The Firesign Theatre

Just for Laughs

Eater of Meaning -- converts web sites into a, um, more interesting format. Our main webpage after conversion(?)

More Conversions have translated our main webpage into BORK BORK BORK

Rec.Humor.Funny -- best of the Internet jokes, updated daily

Dave Barry's Website

A Different Slant on the News

Techie Funny Stories

The Daily WTF

Funny Products For Sale on the Web

Archie McPhee Home Page

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