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RIP: Peter Bergman, founding member of the FT, passed away March 9, 2012. Phil Austin, also of the original group, passed away June 19, 2015.

I started listening to these guyz in 1966, when I lived in Southern California. At that time, they were on radio station KPFK, spinning their unique form of fun and craziness. Their records of the 60's and 70's were very prophetic, predicting a "simulated" future that has, in many ways, come true. I've also enjoyed their sharp attacks on the "sacred cows" of all cultural groups. For instance, their send-up of hippies (remember Tiny Dr. Tim?) was right-on, and very un-PC for its time (and their audience).

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Firezine, a newsletter for fans of the Firesign Theatre.

Official FT Page

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I couldn't resist this. My father once leased a car from Ralph Williams (model for "Ralph Spoilsport"), and I got to keep the Ralph Williams Ford license place holder.

Remember French Lick? [Pluto Water]

Here is a 92k JPG picture of an old postcard showing French Lick, Indiana, the "Home of Pluto Water".

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