4014 in Iowa

For several years, we have been enjoying railroading more and more.

Bob grew up in Pomona, California. For many years, the largest steam locomotive in the world, Union Pacific 4014, was located in static at the local fairgrounds. In 2019, we were able to see that locomotive roaring by under full steam power. Besides the 4014, there are a few other times when we stood by the tracks and watched the trains pass by.

As part of our travels, we’ve often visited railroad museums world-wide.

And, we’ve even taken trains on vacations. Many years ago, we took a chartered train from Los Angeles to San Francisco with a railway club. (On that trip, we also spent a day taking trolleys and cable cars in San Francisco.) In addition, we traveled on European trains in 2010, and have taken excursion trains in several other places.

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