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We have enjoyed travel for many years, pretty much from the time we first met. Starting in 1997, we tried cruising, and from then on, enjoyed many cruises all over the world. We thought that our final cruise would be the Caribbean cruise of December 2019. Since then, we have decided to plan more cruises for 2023/4. See you on the high seas!

Our primary hobby is photography, and we are happy to share photos and videos we’ve taken during our travels (as well as closer to home).

Our photos are stored on our website, but due to storage restrictions, we use a few outside photo sites, such as Ipernity and Google photos (marked with ** in this listing).

Our List of Trips

This list is not meant to be some kind of boasting or ego-trip. Read about some of the wonderful places we’ve visited, and maybe you’ll get some ideas for your own future travels. Our travel philosophy is simple: Don’t wait, do it now.

Philip Greenspun Travels and Photos

This website now has a lot of general travel and photography information. Philip’s various travels are detailed here. He is a very good writer and observer, as well as an accomplished photographer. Following his advice, I’m posting as many of our travel photos as I can on our personal website.

The BEST Rail Travel Website in the World!

We were clued in on this website, during a world cruise. While discussing rail travel, a kind gentleman suggested this site. We always consult this site before considering any rail travel.


This site has great discussion boards about cruising. We’ve posted here many times, and learned a lot about cruising and cruise lines. The “roll calls” (must register to view) are great, and you get to meet your fellow travelers before getting on board. Our handle is “bobnsandi”.

Star Clipper Cruises

We’ve taken many cruises since our first serious cruise on the Star Clipper. This cruise line is special, and highly recommended.

At the time of our first cruise on this line, we had given up on cruising due some bad experiences. Our enjoyment of this trip helped convince us to return to cruising.

Food and Drink

Epicurious Dining and Travel Information

Dining is certainly part of travel, and these folks have done a great job covering the subject. (And, their home cooking recipes are well worth checking out.)


We’ve been using these guides for many years, checking out wonderful eating and drinking opportunities in the U. S.

Travel (and Retirement) Blogs

Hole in the Doughnut Travel Blog

A story of escape from the corporate world and traveling the world. A woman, alone. Uplifting and inspiring.

NOTE that these photographs are Copyright 1980-2024 Robert and Sandra Swanson. Enjoy the images, but please don’t steal them!

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