sunrise kauai

Sunrise, Kaua’i

The Pride of Hawai’i was a brand new ship, when we joined her in Los Angeles in late May, 2006. She took us from there, to San Francisco, and then across to the Hawaiian Islands. Once in the Islands, the ship started to run a regular schedule of repeat visits. The ship was removed from Hawaiian service in 2008.

While onboard, we got re-acquainted with some of the crew that we had met the year before, on the Pride of America. The Food and Beverage Director from a previous NCL cruise was aboard, consulting about the setup and operation of the new facilities (including the bars).

We spent some time onboard, partying with CruiseCritic People we had met online before the cruise. If you are serious about cruising, be sure to join the CruiseCritic Message Board.

Hawaiian Islands


Na Pali Coast of Kaua’i


Hilo, Big Island


San Francisco Area

Golden Gate

San Francisco

The Ship Itself

Our Suite Onboard

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