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Hot-Air Ascention in the Morning

We had a great time at the Albuquerque 2015 Balloon Fiesta.

Our motorhome was parked near the ’landing field’ area (usually) downwind from the main Fiesta field. We were boondocking there for 2 weeks.

The weather was nearly always spectacular, and most days there was an early morning ascension. Many of the balloons landed near us. Some came very close to hitting the top of our motorhome.

In addition to the balloons, we enjoyed the beautiful scenery (and food) around Albuquerque.

We trained to be assistants for the balloon pilots, but were never called up. However, the training session was very interesting, and we used our new skills later on, to help some of the balloon pilots who landed very close to our motorhome. (Having trained as assistants, we received full field passes, too.)

Images of Hot-Air Balloons

Beautiful Scenery Around Albuquerque

Fireworks Shows at the Balloon Fiesta

Hot-Air Balloon Operations Training

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