Grave Markers for Soldiers of the U.S. Army Spruce Squadrons of the First World War

Spruce Soldiers with Horses

As people have sent me e-mail asking about their relatives who were Spruce Soldiers, several have shared images of the grave markers for these individuals. In addition, several grave marker enthusiasts and cemetery managers have asked about the Spruce units mentioned on the markers they have seen.

This page has a selection of these photos, and includes information pointers about the Spruce units to which these men belonged in 1918. The photos were taken by the original correspondents, and are their sole work. (I made modifications to some of the images with GIMP, to make them appear better on this webpage. These enhancements to the images are intended to make the inscriptions more readable.)


Andrew Hitchings -- Spruce Soldier, 119th Spruce

[Andrew Hitchings]

[Charles Bailey]

Charles Bailey -- Spruce Soldier, 53rd Spruce

David Gunn -- Spruce Soldier, 74th Spruce

[David Gunn]

[David Martin]

David Martin -- Spruce Soldier, 118th Spruce

Frank Fifield -- Spruce Soldier, 77th Spruce

[Frank Fifield]

[Hannibal Estep]

Hannibal Estep -- Spruce Soldier, 50th Spruce

John Holland -- Spruce Soldier, 135th Spruce

[John Holland]

[Peter Johnson]

Peter Johnson -- Spruce Soldier, 89th Spruce

Raymond Goodman -- Spruce Soldier, 52nd Spruce

[Raymond Goodman]

[Ralph Cobb]

Ralph Cobb -- Spruce Soldier, 48th Spruce

Louis Wegscheider -- Spruce Soldier, 144th Spruce

[Louis Wegscheider]

[David Everest]

David Everest -- Spruce Soldier, 71st Spruce

John Wesley Morrison -- Spruce Soldier, 94th Spruce

[John Wesley Morrison]

[Sherman Clark]

Sherman Clark -- Spruce Soldier, 146th Spruce

Clyde Rainey -- Spruce Soldier, 19th Spruce

[Clyde Rainey]

[Peter Houck]

Peter Houck -- Spruce Soldier, 88th Spruce

Frank Sander -- Spruce Soldier, 47th Spruce

[Frank Sander]

[James Coleman]

James Coleman -- Spruce Soldier, 60th Spruce

Bert Coad -- Spruce Soldier, 80th Spruce

[Bert Coad]

[Charles J. O'Donnell]

Charles J. O'Donnell -- Spruce Soldier, 93rd Spruce

Enos Palmer -- Spruce Soldier, 3rd Spruce

[Enos Palmer]

Additional Spruce Soldiers

Charles Murray Yates has been honored by a WikiTree website, which includes a photo of the gravestone, as well as other interesting information. He was a member of the 61st Spruce.

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