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How to View Web-Based Photo Slideshows on the Swanson Website

Some of our photos are now being displayed as interactive web-based "slide shows". (NOTE that we will refer to "slides" and "photos" interchangeably, since these stacks are almost entirely made up of photos.)

This web system allows you to view the slideshow, image by image, much like viewing slides in the PowerPoint (tm) system available on Microsoft and Mac computers. However, in this case, you can view these photos without any additional software on your computer, phone, or tablet.

NOTES For Users of Phones and Tablets

NOTE: users of phones and tablets may have a better experience if they turn their devices horizontally for viewing.

Depending on the size of the phone screen, viewing the photos vertically may suppress swiping. That is, you will see the photos, but you will only be able to scroll vertically from one photo to another. You can tell if this mode is active, because there will be no on-screen controls, such as the arrows in the lower right corner.

Full-screen viewing is apparently NOT an option with phones. (It is available for computer screens, see below.)

While it appears that Apple (tm) devices allow for full-screen web viewing, testing has shown that Android (tm) users will have the best viewing experience by using the Chrome browser on their phones. (Other Android browsers may not display the full web page.)

Our experience so far indicates that you can perform two-finger "zooming" of the photos. This allows you to view greater detail in an image. (However, note that the two-finger "pinch" may not be available.)

Features of All Viewing Devices


Since you are viewing the photos in a web browser, you can bookmark (or "favorite") any of the "photos" in the slideshow. Each slide has a unique URL. When you want to return to a particular place within the slideshow, you just use the "Bookmarks" feature of your browser to bring up that slide.

On Phone or Tablet

In addition to the above "all devices" features mentioned above, you can, on a phone or tablet, navigate through the slideshow by just swiping left or right to see the previous or next slide.

As noted above, it is strongly recommended that you try rotating your phone or tablet horizontally, so that the images appear as they would look on a display screen. It still may be possible that the small screen size will restrict scrolling to the typical vertical mode you have come to expect.

On Computer

In addition to the "all devices" features mentioned above, you have a great variety of navigation capabilities, when viewing on the computer screen. Note that, if your computer has a touchscreen, you can navigate through the slideshow by just swiping left or right to see the previous or next slide.

Whether you have a touchscreen or not, you can always navigate by pressing the left or right arrow on your keyboard to move between the previous and next slides. Also, clicking on the small set of arrows in the lower right corner of each photo provides navigation through the slideshow.

Keyboard Features (Computer Only)

There are a number of keyboard features in this web package, including:

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