Machine-Made Postal Cancellations

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I have been collecting machine cancellations for many years, primarily as used in the United States. For instance, as part of my collecting, I created a listing of earliest and latest known dates of usage for American flag cancelling machines used at military facilities in the U. S. [19K Adobe PDF]. This list appeared a few years ago in the journal of The Machine Cancel Society. (NOTE that my address printed in that article is now out of date.)

The current database is located at: spreadsheet with all known usage dates of American flag cancellations of U.S. domestic military facilities of the First World War.

To help people who are confused about the identification of a machine cancel, I have devised a set of Web pages that allow you to identify certain types of United States machine cancellations from the early period of the 20th Century. If you have a "mystery" machine cancel that fits the page's current capabilities, try The Machine Cancel Finder.

Also, I have created a web page that shows some examples of United States machine cancellations, mostly from the early 20th Century. Give it a try!

My Interests

I now primarily collect examples of those machines used at First World War military facilities located in the United States.

I used to collect Perfection machine examples. Here is an older Perfection List (and Wantlist) as a Javascript-enabled page.

Example of Type 1 Perfection Cancel    (closeup of a Type 1 cancel)

Example of Type 2 Perfection Cancel    (closeup of a Type 2 cancel)

Example of Type 3 Perfection Cancel    (closeup of a Type 3 cancel)

Example of Received Type Perfection Cancel (5k)

Many other examples of machine cancellations (Google Photos Album)

In the past, I have collected some slogan cancels.

And a Parting Reminder...

Note that the Machine Cancel Society (MCS) is devoted to studying the history of machine canceling world-wide, including the history of the machines and their makers, as well as the markings themselves on covers and cards. See: The Machine Cancel Society web pages.

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