Patriotic Postcard for the Spruce Soldiers of WWI

Spruce Camp Postcard

This unusual real photo postcard was probably sold to the soldiers working the spruce lumber in Oregon and Washington during the First World War. It has the image of an original drawing (probably pencil or charcoal) showing a forest with WW I airplanes flying above. Below the picture are stirring words about working the spruce being just as good as "going over the top".

While we may not feel as enthusiastic about trench warfare today, the young men cutting timber in 1918 were frustrated, because they wanted to be in the fight. In fact, they were providing a critical service during that period, helping to make vast increases in the numbers of airplanes manufactured.

What were the Spruce Squadrons? I'm glad you asked. Read more about them here.

Very little history remains of these events, and as a postal history collector, I find it difficult to locate letters and cards from these men. There are more Spruce Soldier images located at:

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