YMCA Cover from Camp Custer, WWI

Updated: Fri Mar 01 13:51:34 PST 2013

This cover is from Camp Custer, Michigan, during the training period of the First World War. It is a typical YMCA envelope, as given out to the troops to write home. Millions of these envelopes were provided by the "Y".

The interesting aspect to this cover is the pair of cancellations. Apparently, the envelope was mis-fed into the Universal cancelling machine used at Camp Custer, and the machine missed cancelling the stamp. Someone noticed, and hand-cancelled the cover later with the duplex handstamp of Camp Custer. Handstamp examples are not common from the training camp branches during the War, so this "error" was a fortunate event for this collector.

Not every letter from camp used YMCA stationery. Here is a very rare cover with the logo of the Odd Fellows from Camp Devens, Massachusetts.

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