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Handstamp of Washington, DC, Streetcar RPO

Even though the information in this announcement is a bit out of date, it still gives you a good idea of the very interesting content in the Transit Postmark Collector .

Transit Postmark Collector is published bimonthly as the official journal of the Mobile Post Office Society. The editor is:

Douglas N. Clark
PO Box 427
Marstons Mills MA 02648
e-mail: dncxxyyyhy76ujm4@mathwww2933e4ddgyujejs.ugaruxsw334rfvghti.eduyjkowe354ckrk6k5aa

Transit Postmark Collector
Vol. 66, No. 1 (November-December 2014)

... is in the mail!

Will Keller's HPO column is a return to the Rock Island & Effingham HPO. The reorganizations of 1963 are described, with schedule plates, a map and markigs reproduced. Will also reviews an article on HPO #1 the Washington DC & Harrisonburg, VA HPO, apearing in Bus Industry Magazine.

In News from the Cities, David Gentry illustrates street car covers with dates which turned out to be important for (nonphilatelic) reasons.

New railroad postmarks are illustrated, submitted by various collectors.

Society business includes minutes of the Board meeting in Milwaukee.

There is a mail bid sale and much more ...


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