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The postal history journal "La Posta" was created and published for over 40 years by the late Richard W. Helbock.

Current Publication

Since Bill's untimely passing, this very important postal history publication remains active and is expanding. It is now produced quarterly by La Posta Publications. The editor is Peter Martin. This quarterly journal is considered to be one of the foremost postal history publications in the world. It is thick (latest issue is 68 pages) and well worth the subscription cost of $32 per year (US). Each issue is full of excellent articles on United States postal history, covering all eras, and all parts of the country.

Subscription rates are: $32 (United States), $38 (US) for Canadian, or $70 (US) for airmail overseas.

Contact Information

The mailing address in the US for the editor is:

Peter Martin
POB 6074
Fredericksburg VA 22403


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Updated July 10, 2015

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