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Teddy Bear Town (and our Teddy Bears)


Sad News We have been informed that Teddy Bear Town was permanently closed in December 2020.

A few years ago, we had the pleasure of donating one of our teddy bears to Teddy Bear Town, located in Hill City, South Dakota.

We've had bears around our house since we got together in the late 1970's. We even had a few in our RV. So, we decided to devote a page from our website to some of our bears, and other bears we've seen in our travels.

sign at teddy bear town

Teddy Bear Town (Now Closed)

Teddy Bear Town, which closed in 2020, was a 10,000+ bear showcase, located in Hill City, South Dakota. It's just a few miles from Mount Rushmore.

The bears occupy a small house along the highway, filling the area from floor to ceiling. Did I also mention that they are well taken care of, including a special "bear hospital" facility?

Contact information:

(former location) 108 Main Street, Hill City, SD

Here are some images:

10000 teddy bears at teddy bear town

The sign says it: 10,000+ bears at (Former) Teddy Bear Town, Hill City, South Dakota.

teddy bears at teddy bear town

Lots of bears at Teddy Bear Town, Hill City, South Dakota. There are floor-to-ceiling bears, so I had to use the wide-angle camera lens.

certificate for teddy bear

The image shown at the top of this web page shows a bear that was part of our lives from about 1980 on. That big guy needed hospitalization, and is now on display sitting high over the entrance out of reach. The nautical pair came from a cruise we took.
He has an official certificate, no less!

Bears We Have Seen

bears in rv

Typical bear accumulation we had in our RV.

us flag made of teddy bears

An American flag made of teddy bears (Michigan).

teddy bear on motorcycle

A bear on a motorcycle. This was taken at the cathedral in Cologne, Germany, during a "blessing of the motorcycles" event.

bear on st maarten, caribbean

Saw this bear on the island of St. Maarten in the Caribbean. Must have been uncomfortably hot for them; even in the shade, we were roasting!

costco bear

The huge (80 inch) bear at Costco. We could not fit one into our RV (or our house). We have the 53 inch bear instead. (notice that he has an employee nametag "Teddy")

teddy bear watching tv

Our 53 inch Costco bear watching his favorite advertisement on television. (Note the penguins that decorate the TV area).

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